Puma Suede turns 50 the only way it knows how — with a kickass collab with Santa Cruz

Puma Suede turns 50 the only way it knows how — with a kickass collab with Santa Cruz

Screaming Hand

Text: Jolene Khor

An 80s skate culture icon steps up to celebrate the Puma Suede in classic resistant fashion

Puma has the right idea about birthdays — it shouldn't be an endeavour imbued in vanity (not entirely anyway) but a tribute, a day of appreciation of the people that has contributed to who you are. The best way Puma knows how, on the 50th anniversary of it's Suede, is with a collaboration

Roped in to celebrate its golden jubilee is Santa Cruz Skateboards, a skate icon that has compelling influence on the skate culture Puma hails from. The oldest existing skateboard company was founded in 1973 by surfers Rich Novak, Doug Haut und Jay Shuirman in Santa Cruz, California, but it wasn't until 1985, when the "Screaming Hand" logo by artist Jim Phillips Sr. became its emblem, that Santa Cruz began wheeling towards the cultural phenomenon status. 

Like a lot art that came out of that decade, Santa Cruz's logo represents a resistance to power. On the centre of the palm of the blue hand is an angry mouth with its tongue out, teeth on display, screaming to the power of the hand and the way we use ours as tools of expression through words, art and music. 

Poignant then, that Santa Cruz lends this super power to Puma Suede for the next 50 years to come.

The blue hand, embroidered and extending out of each side of the sneaker heel sits against a black suede upper, and Puma's Formstrip is transformed into the wave of red scream. Sharing the sneaker tongue are logos from both institutions; sharing the hype is the Puma x Santa Cruz Tee, completing the birthday pack.

The Puma Suede 50 x Santa Cruz sneaker and T-shirt is available at CK Tangs Leftfoot, Limited Edt and Puma Select store at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.


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