National revelry: Puma Disc Blaze by Limited Edt Chapter 2 & 3

Patriotic glow

National revelry: Puma Disc Blaze by Limited Edt Chapter 2 & 3
Completing the three-part series, these two pairs of sneakers pays tribute to Singapore’s historical story

Singapore's National Day is just around the corner and what better way to join in the festivity by sporting new kicks heralding the founding chronicle of the country? Last year's first part of the three-series Puma and Limited Edt collaboration had Blaze of Glory telling the stories of the Merlion and the legend of how the city got its name. This year's drop sees the final two chapters of the story.

Puma DISC Blaze by Limited Edt: Chapter 2
Chapter 2 of Disc Blaze features a translucent Puma disc knob, icy blue cage panel and a reflective speckled midsole echoing the oceanic venture of the British in discovery of the sunny isle and how it thrived as a port city. With a luminous cerulean glow-in-the-dark silhouette, they're the ultimate day-to-night standout look.

Puma DISC Blaze by Limited Edt: Chapter 3
Symbolic of the state being a modern concrete jungle, shades of grey tones and tree bark camo embellish Chapter 3 of Disc Blaze. Reflective elements mirroring the glossy and urban feel of the modern metropolis are infused in the speckled midsole, toe guard and cage panels.

As its first release, both pairs pay homage to the national flag with the recurring motif of 5 star Puma and Limited Edt insignia at the heel with the red and white detailing on the tongue tab. Printed with a lion graphic designed by homegrown label Hypothetic on the insoles, stepping out in these statement kicks guarantees a stylish swagger of timely salute to the Lion City.

The Puma DISC Blaze by Limited Edt Chapter 2 & Chapter 3 shoes are exclusively available at Limited Edt stores in a limited number of pairs.

Text: Bianca Husodo

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