Onitsuka Tiger taps Willow Smith to be their latest brand ambassador in 2020

Onitsuka Tiger taps Willow Smith to be their latest brand ambassador in 2020

Doin' good

Text: Emily Heng

The Smith family is no stranger to the spotlight. Most would consider Will Smith a legend of his field; Jada Pinkett Smith revolutionary for her innovative talk show format; and Jaden Christopher Syre Smith a game changer in the musical department. Not forgetting, of course, Willow Smith — youngest of the clan with a finger in just about every pie. She bears a noteworthy filmography, an extensive discography, and serves as an active philanthropist since 2009. In 2020, Smith adds yet another accolade to the list: brand ambassador of Onitsuka Tiger.

The decision to tap in Smith proved a natural one for Onitsuka. In a statement released by the brand, they credited Smith for her "universal humanism and excellent creativity" that goes beyond the limits of gen-z and millennials. "In 2020 when we will enter into a brave new era for humans, we feel a strong affinity and joy as a brand for the fact that we can collaborate with someone who has both a unique perspective on society and intelligence and share messages globally," they wrote. Hear, hear. She's since starred in the company's Fall/Winter 2020 campaign, donning threads which convey a "fusion amongst pop art, fashion, and sportswear" through colorful patchwork, mixed media, as well as unanticipated combinations.

Expect to see Smith in more Onitsuka Tiger-related ventures — as well as the close-alignment of both her values and the brand's in subsequent projects. Onitsuka Tiger has since stepped forth to announce that they will donate a part of the proceeds of the sale of this campaign to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund to support their efforts in the #BlackLivesMatter movement. It's nothing less of what we expected from this dynamic duo.