On top of our shopping list: Moncler's wax jacket

On top of our shopping list: Moncler's wax jacket

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Text: Jolene Khor

Your main squeeze is the ultimate companion for a beach vacation. The new wax jacket by Moncler, aka the 'Rain Slicker', is the next best thing

From one fashion person to another, I think we can agree that we're not known to be the most practical of beings when it comes to wardrobe selection. It may be espadrille weather — our new pair likely has 4-inch heels. The temperature could be in the sub-zero range, but come on, that scarf just looks better outside the coat. So we're always thankful when a brand comes up with something we'd actually be caught dead wearing and isn't just for show. Case in point: the new Moncler wax jacket.

Appropriately dubbed the 'Rain Slicker', the nautical-themed jacket (see the million and one pockets for practicality) is made of coated laqué cotton poplin for a crisp, light, patent finish. The pieces come in pop-tastic colours reminiscent of French films of the past. Pack one of them along with Blu-ray copies of Mr. Hulot's HolidayUn homme et une femme and Parapluies de Cherbourg, the best sunscreen money can buy, this new fragrance, and you're all set for the Bahamas. Oh and us too, merci beaucoup!

The wax jacket is available at the Moncler boutique in Ion Orchard.