Planning a ski holiday? Then gear up to hit the slopes in style

Planning a ski holiday? Then gear up to hit the slopes in style

Prepping for powder

Text: Andrea Sim's Winter Ski Shop marries fun, fashion and function — curated for putting your best foot forward both on and off the piste

Any avid winter sports fanatic knows just how important it is to invest in their own gear. Considering donning rentals from the ski shop instead? Think again: Unless twinning with amateurs on the bunny slopes is more your speed, count Net-a-Porter's tight selection of winter wear as the season's blistery blessing.

Offering a breed of both fashion and technical labels, make a beeline for Moncler Grenoble, Pyrenex and Chamonix-based brand Perfect Moment if you practically carve up the slopes with your eyes closed. From streamlined shell jackets to ski pants replete with compartments meant for storing ski passes and the bare essentials, your crisp weather sartorial options range from under-the-radar monochrome to daring primaries and star-printed motifs.

And if you fancy yourself an amateur who's still on the green, treat yourself to some fun-loving bug-themed gear from Fendi, and a must-have pair of water-resistant, iron grip Moon Boots instead. Don't just take our word for it — but thank us later when you're not slipping and sliding between piste and cabin.

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