Shopping alert: Chloé's exclusive collection for has landed

Into the woods

Text: Andrea Sim

Accompanied by a short film, the brand takes us on a journey to rediscover the beauty of spontaneity

If Chloé had to be summed up in one word, "bohemian" comes to mind — the Parisian brand's bread and butter its frocks and accessories inspired by wanderlust and global culture. Their collections are a modern, stylish nomad's dream wardrobe if you will. But lest its achingly pretty veneer eclipses the inspiring message behind it all, Chloé has collaborated with in a timely reminder. 

Through a three-episode short film titled Runaway Baby — which tells the tale of a writer who escapes to nature and a collection exclusive only to the e-tailer, it celebrates the beauty of spontaneity. At its core, underscoring the brand's ethos of independence and freedom. Watch, be inspired, and shop the pieces: 

Shop the full collection on Catch the first episode of Runaway Baby above, and click through to episodes 2 and 3 under 'More from Buro 24/7 Singapore'.