Mulberry's new bag line puts the croc effect back on the map

Mulberry's new bag line puts the croc effect back on the map

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Text: Jolene Khor

The new Amberly range reaffirms Mulberry's position as the accessories go-to

Age is a just a number right? Right? Wrong. Play your cards right, and age can be a tool, a secret weapon hiding in plain sight. Utilised, it has the potential as a marker of territory, your missing puzzle piece, a fashion statement. And contrary to what traditional media has been preaching in the past, there are perks to growing up and growing older — besides the acquisition of wisdom — that is privy to the much celebrated millennial.

Pearls are one of those appanages. Try as one might, a 20-something is never going to carry them with as much poise and charisma as a woman in her 40s. Pearls are best accessorised with maturity; the same could be preached of polka dots (Google Diane Keaton), tweed suit sets (think Anna Wintour) and until recently, crocodile skin.

Sure, everyone from Miroslava Duma, Victoria Beckham, the Kardashian clan and all the ladies fronting the Victoria's Secret campaign have been snapped carrying the exotic skin or its print counterpart, but it's always been done with premature gravitas, the shiny leather casting a vibe conjuring adjectives like "old-fashioned" and "boring".

Johnny Coca, Mulberry's creative director has had enough. His antidote, the Amberly bag.

The small Amberly satchels in gold and brown crocodile skin.

Named after Amberley Castle — an English country seat in west Sussex dating back to the 12th century — the star of the new range of bags is the small satchel in gold, also available in a slightly larger size. Its calfskin, leather croc-embossed for a scale-like texture complete with a high-octane dual tone shine, crafted to be worn lightly across the shoulder, gives the equestrian shape a youthful air. Still not convinced? Scroll down for a look at the mini variations in fuchsia and chili red, colourways we suspect we'll spot on the Bella Hadids and Kendall Jenners the world over.

The Amberley is not completely new; its timeless shapes a nod to the original Mulberry Trout and Poacher bags of the '70s. Aside from the croc finishes, the Amberly is influenced by the countryside pursuits, the Amberly boasts contrast stitching, quilting details, raw-edged construction as well as fine saddlery leathers.

See all five silhouettes: 

Mulberry's Amberly bags are available in stores and online.