The Man Repeller launches her own wacky shoe line

The Man Repeller launches her own wacky shoe line

Net-a-Porter exclusive

Text: Bianca Husodo

Leandra Medine's eponymous MR by Man Repeller footwear label is as wittily delightful as the personality behind it

If you scroll through Instagram and stumble upon a street style shot of a bizarrely chic young lady wearing a mix of clashing pieces you thought would be impossible to pull off, but looks cool, then she's most probably Leandra Medine also known as Man Repeller. Her quirky charm is quite unmistakable — and with more than 1.5 million followers anticipating her next sartorial move, it's aptly natural for the trend-defying style-setter to launch her first eclectic shoe collection.

An ode to her quick-witted voice, Medine's MR by Man Repeller is both irreverent and groovy at the same time. Think: Velvet loafers in flamingo pink named The Alternative to Bare Feet, or a chunky pair of star-sprinkled sandals called The LOL If You Think I'm Walking. Exclusively available at Net-a-Porter, the 10-piece collection is an array of party-appropriate shoes in vibrant hues that don't slack on the glitz and glimmer. 

mr by man repeller

Leandra Medine gushes on her shoe line debut, "I am implicitly interested in footwear. I always have been, but never realised that my interest was driven by something bigger than just how my reflection looks. Shoes are an incredibly escapist accessory for so many women. They're an easy way to feel good by the simple act of looking down, and they're all inclusive in the same way that I hope our media brand, Man Repeller to be. Doesn't matter what you look like, or where you're from because shoes are, paradoxically speaking, one size fits all. And, of course, working with Net-a-Porter — my favorite morning reading and a massive stamp of approval — has been a dream."

The MR by Man Repeller shoe collection is exclusively available at Net-a-Porter from 27 October.