Can Moschino make Pudgy, Betty Boop's cartoon dog, cute again?

Can Moschino make Pudgy, Betty Boop's cartoon dog, cute again?


Text: Jolene Khor

Adorable doesn't even begin to cover it

Childhood icons are granted a certain immortality that can never be undone. Even if they are forgotten over time —relinquished to faded memories or the back of closets — all it takes is a wee reappearance for us to be transported back to the good old days. A time when we were young in age and carefree, where our biggest dilemma was in the decision of eating cereal or pancakes for breakfast, whether it's going to be Little Lulu or Betty Boop playing on VHS while our mothers braided our hair.

Those who watched the OG sex symbol of the animated world growing up will likely recall Pudge, Betty Boop's faithful little wide-eyed pooch. In the Year of The Dog, trust Moschino's Jeremy Scott, fashion's single strongest proponent of pop culture appropriation, to give the iconic character another well-deserved 10 minutes of fame.

The Italian label's debut Chinese New Year capsule 7-piecer featuring Pudge consists of a sweater, a T-shirt, a dress, a backpack, a key-chain, a scarf and an iPhone case — all thoughtfully dyed in red in homage to both Betty and to the auspicious celebration that lies ahead.

Now that's how you bark up the right tree.

Moschino's Chinese New Year 2018 limited edition collection will be available online and at main Moschino boutiques in Milan, Rome, London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.