Moncler revives the Victorian era in fall's performance wear

Moncler revives the Victorian era in fall's performance wear

Unlikely bedfellows

Text: Andrea Sim

When past aesthetics meet present technology

Tell us that one of England's prominent eras has inspired a fashion designer and we'll barely bat an eyelid. Really, when is Erdem not a catalyst of good work? But tell us that the Victorian age once again reigns supreme in high-functioning performance gear — intended for the outdoor enthusiast to take a tumble or two in on the slopes — and, consider us intrigued. Impressed even.

Moncler fall/winter 2017 jackets coats

For the upcoming winter season, Moncler's uber light, technology-focused jackets, gillets and coats come replete with detailing straight out of the 19th century.

The frill necks (perhaps to catch the droplets of your sweat tricking down from your temples?), lace plackets (they'll underscore every micro movement for sure) and trimmings from the days of yore return in a fall palette of cream, dark grey and military green. Looking to turn heads this upcoming powder season? Forgo camo and chuck the fluoro for the fresh digs Queen Victoria would have stamped her royal seal of approval on.

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