Watch: Here's what a cheeky fashion sci-fi short film looks like

Watch: Here's what a cheeky fashion sci-fi short film looks like

Moncler Moonray

Text: Andrea Sim

So bad, it's actually good

The sci-fi genre has its fanatics. Not just fanatics, but probably raving fanatics. From experience, we learned never to fall asleep during a Star Wars movie in their presence and interrupting a fight scene to question the validity of the lightsaber isn't wise, but we'll spare the ugly details for now.

The subject at hand today, is Moncler's short film Moonray — at once heralding old school sci-fi tropes and roping in its fall/winter collection inspired by man and the moon. 

Conceptualised and intended as a low-budget film, the B-movie is right on the nose with the cinematic clichés. An opening crawl in space, a ray gun battle on a rocky terrain and an extraterrestrial invasion of Earth see its protagonists losing their silver waterproof parkas to an alien during the battle climax. While the short film's nod to the regurgitated plot lines of sci-fi in its golden days is suitably nostalgic, it's the jab at fashion's appetite for frivolity that's the icing on the cake. All in good humour, no doubt.

Watch Moonray by Moncler:

The fall/winter 2017 collection is available at all Moncler boutiques. Located at #01-17, Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn in Singapore.