Parallel ski in style courtesy of Moncler's new Moon Boots

Parallel ski in style courtesy of Moncler's new Moon Boots

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Text: Jolene Khor

The collaboration is inspired by the world's first moon landing in 1969

Few items in our wardrobe are as functional as winter boots. You count on them to protect your toes from frostbite. You trust them to keep your ankles strong as you tackle the slopes of Val d'Isère. You rely on them to wick sweat yet prevent external moisture from invading your cosy wool socks. 

Those features are high on our checklist when shopping for a ski boot. It's a tall order, and that's before appearances are factored in. Nine times out of ten, those serious for the snow will say aesthetics don't count for much in this arena.

Moncler and Moon Boot want to change that.

Coming together for a capsule collection, Moncler pairs itself with Moon Boot, the master of aprés ski shoes, to fuse glamour with the latter's wintry savoir faire. First, they do away with the brand's cartoony vibrant hues to make room for sophistication. So came the matte black tone-on-tone of the high cut Saturne and more modest Uranus; also note the glazed black tone-on-tone of the Venus — fox fur cocoon optional. The fourth piece from the tie-up is the Jupiter, crafted from sand, khaki and greige with a canvas effect, complete with an overlaid tongue and reinforced toe not unlike its sister designs.

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Moncler x Moon Boot is available online.