Welcome to the family: Buro 24/7 Mexico

Welcome to the family: Buro 24/7 Mexico

The 11th edition

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Instagram | @buro247mx

Hola, Mexico — Buro 24/7 is launching in Latin America

Our intrepid founder Miroslava Duma forays into a new realm as she seals the deal in a partnership with Brenda Díaz de la Vega, former Editor-in-Chief of Harper's Bazaar Mexico and Latin America (pictured above), to establish Buro 24/7 Mexico.

Always on the pulse, this 11th international edition of Buro 24/7 taps into the vast potential of Latin America with its rapid growth in the fashion, culture and lifestyle sectors. Boasting 123 million people, this populated continent's social revolution and emergence into the digital landscape mirrors Buro's own accelerated ascent as one of today's top online media platforms.

Covering contemporary fashion, beauty and culture from a Latin American viewpoint, led by a resident editorial team, the latest edition of Buro 24/7 is set to be a driving force in the country's social media domain. Here's looking at you, Mexico. will officially launch in March 2016.