Watch Lily Aldridge and Michael Kors goof off in the Glamour Games

Supermodel vs designer

Text: Andrea Sim

A sassy showdown of fashion wit — Lily Aldridge takes on Michael Kors in a guessing game of history's most prominent style icons

One minute, three rounds, rapid fire. In the second instalment of the Glamour Games, it's supermodel versus designer in the ultimate test of fashion wit and knowledge. The result? A high intensity game of charades with reputations at stake. Dance moves are put to the test and vocal ranges comes into play — see Michael Kors try his hand at Adele's Hello and Lily Aldridge get groovy with the moonwalk. 

Hit play on the video above, for the fun-fuelled banter that covers everything from Elvis Presley to famous soccer players with tattoos. The best part? Aldridge's spot-on impersonation of Kors — trust us, you'll want to witness this