Michael Kors' graffiti capsule transports us to 1980s New York City

Michael Kors' graffiti capsule transports us to 1980s New York City

Spray it, don't say it

Text: Jolene Khor

A collection personal to the designer, Michael Kors' graffiti collection speaks more than words

Where memories are concerned, only a handful stand out, and even lesser serve as point of reference for those in the arts. The highlight is usually colourful in emotion, bittersweet in its definition of your character. Looking back on it, you may smile or you may tear up, the hair on the back of your neck standing all the same. 

For Michael Kors, the year was 1981. The place? New York City.

“I started my company in 1981, at a time when uptown and downtown were really colliding,” reminisces Kors. “Uptown girls partied downtown at the Mudd Club and Club 57. Artists like Fab 5 Freddy and Jean-Michel Basquiat showed their work at PS 1, and yet you’d still be just as likely to find their signatures on the side of a building in the LES or your subway car. Today, that mix of high/low is everything.”

Riding on that high and low is Michael Kors' graffiti collection for spring/summer 2018, a homage to both street art's second coming in the recent, and his label's home city which has come to embrace the vibrant art that's served as backdrop to Kors' own. This 8-piecer capsule collection — tagged by the bold monochrome strokes spelling out his "signature" aka his last name, a technique common among street artists of yesteryear — ranges from pumps, slides, crossbody bags and a selection of ready-to-wear.

Here they are:

Michael Kors graffiti capsule collection will be available in stores from July 2018.

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