Art made wearable: Akin by Matter

Art made wearable: Akin by Matter

Beauty and symmetry

Text: Priscilla Tan

Sustainable fashion with a story to tell

In their latest collaboration, Matter has teamed up with artist Joanna Kambourian to tell stories from the forgotten past. Inspired by her grandparents, the multi-disciplinary artist takes from her grandmother's textile design background and her grandfather's travels across Europe and the Ottoman Empire as a merchant and collector of rugs, transforming them into beautiful wearable art.

Designed in Lismore, Australia, Kambourian's exploratory journey of her ancestry comes to life. Stitched and block-printed by artisan partners in Jaipur, India, the Akin collection speaks of ties that bind. Interwoven with the tale of her Armenian-Dutch heritage, choose from motifs of the dragon, the pomegranate, and the amulet — each with their own blessings:
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For courage and strength
The dragon, known for its strength and power, appears in muted grey and mint highlights. Specifically chosen, the colours hint at the mysticism of the creature.

For overflowing abundance
Known for its jewel-like seeds, the Armenian national fruit has its symmetrical and repetitive print reflected. Attributed towards the immortality of the soul, the pomegranate's abundance of seeds also signifies prosperity, fertility, and generosity.

For safeguarding
And, for protection, carry the emblem of an amulet on your scarves to keep misfortune and injury at bay. In fact, the seven teardrops symbolise divine light and wisdom, while the diamond represents clarity of mind.

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