Renewable and reversible: Matter’s dual-sided pouches

Renewable and reversible: Matter’s dual-sided pouches

On the flipside

Text: Angelyn Kwek


Tote a Matter Reversible Pouch that declares your stylish smarts and support towards a sustainable fashion future

Waste not, want not — if there's anything we've learned from our recent sustainability series, that's the takeaway. And great minds certainly think alike: In a bid to reduce waste, Matter has repurposed their fabric cut-offs into charming pouches perfect for anyone and everyone.

Holding firm to their practice of zero waste production, Matter puts careful thought into their designs and cuts so as to utilise their textiles to the fullest extent. What doesn't get made into garments is then crafted into their reversible pouches, made from the same yarn-dyed cloth by Ikat artisans in Pochampally used for the Modern Monpe + Akimbo pants and the Easy Dhoti + Cave 17 pants.

Matter Reversible Pouches

Bright and distinctive, these 100% cotton pouches are nifty reversible creations; dual-coloured with yellow on one side and blue on the other that lets you switch it up as often as you like. Attached with a removable tassel, the pouch is suitable for both genders with its everyday practicality; whether it's for storing your iPad or daily essentials. Tip: They make great gifts too.

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