In good Himalayan spirits: Matter’s Kumaon Edition

In good Himalayan spirits: Matter’s Kumaon Edition

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Text: Bianca Husodo

Matter’s next story is told for the modern nomads

Wearing its mantle as the tale teller of sustainability, homegrown lifestyle label Matter continues its yarn-spinning journey with a collaboration with Preetika Sah — a Himalayan native who paints the magnificence surrounding her on the foothills of the planet's highest peaks. Raised in a family of artists, mountaineers and photographers, Sah has always been anchored to the mountains and the thick oak forest enclosing her backyard from an early age.

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The ethnic artisan reminisced on her childhood days spent on the hills. With the cold red clay her mother mixed with water to create a canvas, her child self used rice paste to shape intricate geometric patterns of Aipan art. The art is held with great significance socially, culturally and religiously to mark festivals, celebrations, births and deaths in the Kumaon region. Passed down from mothers to daughters, the tradition signifies dots as the completeness of life and lines as the continuity of it.

To tell her story and revive the diminishing culture, Sah drew her inspiration from the mystical geometric patterns of worshipping seats used in her hometown for Matter's Kumaon Editon. Block printed in Jaipur and stitched in Delhi, unravel what's behind the motifs ornamenting Matter's linen signature pants.

Inspired by: The eight petalled lotus seat used for worshipping Goddess Saraswati
Meaning: Knowledge and purity of the soul
What it does for you: Creates a divine rhythm and motivates to look within yourself with a mindful eye
kumaon edition matter


Inspired by: The different stages of life, from birth to eternity of souls
Meaning: Simplicity in complexity
What it does for you: Leads to self-discovery
kumaon edition matter


Inspired by: The serenity of Kumaon hills and the natives' tenacity
Meaning: A reflection of delicacy and grace in the fusion of our environment and metaphysical realms
What it does for you: Instills stubborn courage and indomitable will
kumaon edition matter

The Kumaon Edition is available for purchase on 18 August at