Love Matter's blockprinting workshops? Here's how you can make the next one happen

For the love of craftsmanship

Text: Andrea Sim

Kickstart the local label's upcoming series of blockprinting workshops and secure a spot by pledging your dollar

There are many things we love about Matter, but if we had to pick one, it'd be the utmost respect they have for time honoured crafts. Partnering up with fourth generation blockprinter Kushiram Pandey for their vibrant Matter prints, it's the work of the hands of artisans like him that afford their beloved trousers and scarves its organic patina. Having roped in Pandey for a blockprinting workshop at the National Gallery Singapore earlier this February, the good folk at Matter are looking to spread the love — and knowledge — for age-old craft once more. 

Love Matter's blockprinting workshops? Here's how you can make the next one happen (фото 1)

Hoping to set up five workshops over three days from 18 to 20 November, pledge $100 towards their Kickstarter project to participate in one of the three hour sessions led by Pandey, and leave with your very own blockprinted scarf or tote bag. And if you truly have an appetite for immersing yourself in the skill, $300 will get you two self-designed blocks hand-carved in India, with of course, a scarf or tote bag. While Matter and Pandey will be hosting four group sessions in total, the fifth (at $1,000) will be a private three hour workshop for yourself and four friends. November babies: We couldn't have thought of a better way to celebrate a birthday ourselves. 

Matter's blockprinting Kickstarter campaign runs till 7 November. The workshops will take place only if the project is funded before the deadline. Find out more here.