How we fell in love with Massimo Dutti's fall/winter collection

And you will too

Text: Jolene Khor

Massimo Dutti's dreamlike duds set against the Scottish outback cross all kinds of checklists

There's truth in the Confucius saying, "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." Because to be human is to be many things at a time, to want many things at a time. As emotional beings, we have a tendency of asserting emotions where they don't necessarily belong. As passionate individuals, we are in a constant strive for more success, whatever the definition of success may be. As tactile creatures, we feast our senses by filling our space with beautiful things.

Our wardrobe is one such example. Embellished, embroidered and heavily ensembled, a visit to a run off the mill millennial wardrobe will simultaneously delight you and give you a pulsing headache. Massimo Dutti wants to change that. Though it's a product of the fast fashion chain, Massimo Dutti has always operated on a plane slightly askew.

Favouring careful curation and craftsmanship over caucuses of garments pass their expiration dates when each season wraps, the brand's bread and butter has always been classic looks. Massimo's designers make micro adjustments — tweak shapes and silhouettes, pick apart and inject trends cautiously, experiment with fabrics for layering.

It plays its best cards this fall/winter 2017. Massimo Dutti continues its path of simple, unassuming elegance in its women's selections. Staples by way of chiffon tops with shoulder pleats, long double-breasted coats rendered A-line with oversized buttons and mixed material strapless column dresses are key — all finished with a hint of '70s pizzazz. 

Massimo Dutti's first drop of its fall/winter collection is available in stores.


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