Louis Vuitton makes a promise to UNICEF


Louis Vuitton makes a promise to UNICEF
Sealed with a lock to honour their promise, the French maison contributes to UNICEF's efforts in aiding children in need

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) — supporting children affected by natural disasters, conflicts and diseases — has teamed up with Louis Vuitton to raise funds for their cause.

Silver Lockit necklace

Dipping into the maison's past and drawing from a tumblr lock devised by Georges Vuitton in 1890, the Silver Lockit pendant signifies the partnership and a promise between the two that will be upheld at all costs — a parallel of the original lock that was designed to be infallible. Purchasable as a necklace or a bracelet, the luxury house will donate $300 to the organisation for every unit sold. 

Silver Lockit bracelet

Accompanying the Lockit pendant is a digital campaign spearheaded by the French brand to spread the word and raise awareness about the cause. Revealed at the UNICEF Ball that took place in Los Angeles, it made sure that #MakeAPromise was on everyone's phones and lips — the best way to go about rousing support for a worthy cause. 

Purchase the Silver Lockit online here and in Louis Vuitton boutiques worldwide, and hashtag #MakeAPromise when posting images of your own pinky promise on social media platforms.

Text: Andrea Sim

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