Watch: History of the first ever blue jeans, the Levi's 501

"Garment of the outlaw"

Text: Andrea Sim

Image: Instagram | @levis

A prelude to a lesson in denim history

From humble beginnings of being granted the patent to place rivets on trousers to a universal staple providing youth with their virgin denim experience, the name Levi's has long been synonymous with blue jeans.

The first pair that originated in 1873 — the 501 jeans with a button fly — has clothed countless bottoms, seen numerous revolutions, and infiltrated many subcultures. "Mods and rockers, Beatle freaks, punks and skunks and kooks and geeks... pretty much sums up Levi's", says designer Mark McNairy.

For a snippet on the rich history behind the ever-prevalent garment, click play on the trailer above. 

The full Levi's documentary Stories of an Original can be viewed here