Lazy Oaf's pink affair will fulfil your millennial fantasies

Young at heart

Text: Jolene Khor

Because you shouldn't have to wait till Wednesdays to go full bubblegum

We have serious concerns over your well being if you claim unfamiliarity with millennial pink. But just in case, here's a little history lesson through pop culture.

Way post its high off 'Mean Girls' memes, some say the colour revival began with Wes Anderson's 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'. The movie, which seems to be gaining popularity with each day if that's even possible given that the film's release was well over three years ago, featured the eponymous parador dipped in a pink ombré not far from Gwen Stefani's dream of a wedding gown. Then came Missoni's pussyhats. The pointy-eared beanies in saccharine sparked the world's interest in its power to push a social agenda. Countless #hairgoals posts on Instagram later (hey, Irene Kim), fashion channels continue put pink on the pedestal by pushing out collection after collection with this one colour on its forefront. 

Latest to jump on the bandwagon — one showing zero signs of slowing down — is Lazy Oaf. Just as you ask, "Why should we care?" is also when we say: Because they're adorable though slightly mad, and happy but heavy with sarcasm, unashamed in its celebration and capitalisation of youth sensation.

Take Lazy Oaf's sweater, screaming an unmistakable, "Don't you know who I am?" with a familiar yet unnamed cartoon — a treatment recreated on the baby T-shirt for "adults". Then there's the fluctuating mood skirt, deceptively safe checkered trousers (as safe as pink checks are anyway) save the bows plastered on the back pockets, and an oversized cardigan warning us in all caps to not sulk... in a shape of a frown. I mean, come on.

Rage at Lazy Oaf online or in-store at Actually, #03-18 Orchard Gateway.


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