What to do if you didn't exactly get it right on Mother's Day

What to do if you didn't exactly get it right on Mother's Day

Tsk tsk

Text: Jolene Khor

Did you get the gift? Did you mind your manners? Because that's all a mother can hope for

Most of us have the best of intentions when it comes to our family. We heed their advice, cook lovely meals together, care for them when they're sick and on special occasions, buy them thoughtful presents from Kate Spade New York... when we remember to. But because we're only human, once in a while, despite efforts, our execution falls below expectations. Way, way below. Even on an auspicious day like Mother's Day.

We'd like to tell you that you're a bad child if you didn't realise what May 14 was until the waves of Instagram posts rolled in at night. We'd like to, but we're not going to. Instead, here's a step-by-step guide to winning over mother before your window closes for a year:

1. Express how regretful you are and — here's the most crucial bit — do it in person. No other mode of communication is acceptable. Not a phone call, not an e-mail, and certainly not a text. She's not your bro.

2. Don't make excuses for why your memory failed you; it's the only thing she will detest more than your father's dirty socks lying around the house. You forgot and you're sorry about it. That's sufficient.

3. Beg for forgiveness in private, but make sure you have reservations at her favourite restaurant for later. The good news is, because it's after Mother's Day, you're likely to get the best table in the house without much of a problem. Now, if you don't know where her favourite restaurant is, you really are a bad child.

4. Bring with you on your grand apology tour, a giant bouquet of flowers. If you're clueless about what a giant bouquet is, recall how many stalks of roses/carnations/orchids you got her last year and double down. Go big or risk going home. 

5. As a final surprise, get her one of the lovely gifts we selected from Kate Spade New York. See below!

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