Kate Spade is making your DIY dreams come true


Text: Bianca Husodo

One bag at a time

The pulse of personalisation has never been stronger. Whether they’re patch-ons of your favourite things or enamelled pins spelling your name, giving a piece of yourself to make a bag your very own is the thing of the moment. Then again, they don’t say “you are what you wear” for nothing.

Hopping on the customisation bandwagon is the ever-flirtatious Kate Spade New York. The lifestyle brand takes personalising a fun-loving step further by letting you unleash your quirkiest DIY dreams with its Give It A Twist station. Sprinkle some tongue-in-cheek gold metal stickers —
 they can be your initials or maybe a hashtag like #YAS — and add a striped tasseled strap or two for a pack of graphic punch on the arm candy of your choice. Have a dream city? Smack on a patch of pretzel if you’re a New Yorker at heart, or a classic red vespa if you’ve fallen in love with When In Rome and never looked back.

kate spade give it a twist

If that’s not enough to indulge your innate chic artist, try the Make A Monster phone case for size. Swap matted lashes for snoozy lids, or dainty stilettos for buttoned-up booties for the stylish pink creature on the back of your phone. Why go for safe and plain when you have bold and whimsical on your fingertips?

Kate Spade Give It A Twist personalisation is available in Kate Spade boutiques.