JW Anderson's Net-a-Porter capsule collection of reconstructed shirts, asymmetrical dresses, oversized suits and alternative denim bears no hidden meanings

As it comes

Text: Jolene Khor

There's even a JW Anderson Converse sneaker to cop come September 15

We've long been preached (and have long preached) on the potential interpretations of each artwork that presents itself before us, whether it's a designer's fashion show, a singer-songwriter's latest album, sculptures steep in heritage or the a fine jewellery collection by a storied house. "What's the story?" we would often ask ourselves. "What's the angle?"

Then there's just as much to say about "art for art's sake", a temperament from the mid-19th century Aestheticism movement championed by filmmakers, poets, writers and philosophers who believe in art's independence from the shackles of religion, sociology and politics. They are of the breed looking to disregard restrictive conformity for the flourishing of true artistic expression. JW Anderson finds kinship with this set of individuals. 

His soon-to-be-released capsule collection for Net-a-Porter — part of his yet undisclosed spring/summer 2019 offerings — furthers their agenda. Fluid yet precise, draped yet shapely, the set is consistent with the Anderson aesthetic, one that toys with twists, proportions and asymmetry in its articulation of boy-meets-girl shirts, jeans, dresses and knitwear... just because. There's no need to read into designer Christopher Dresser and architect EW Godwin's legendary prints applied throughout either. Converse is in on the remix as well. Information on the sneaker collaboration is thin, and in true Aestheticism, we expect it to remain so.

"Jonathan Anderson is a designer we have always championed at Net-a-Porter and we asked him to create an exclusive mini collection for us last year," said Global Buying Director, Elizabeth von der Goltz. "We are beyond excited to be launching this collection during LFW as the inspiration behind this collection is British Aestheticism celebrating craftsmanship and design with beauty and form being the reason behind the creation of each style."

View the ready-to-wear selection below:

Net-a-Porter x JW Anderson will be available after the JW Anderson spring/summer 2019 runway show on September 15, 2018.


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