How to vacation in style like your favourite fashion influencers

Packing heat

Text: Jolene Khor

Caroline Daur, Nicole Warne, Linda Tol, Evangelie Smyrniotaki, Carlotta Oddi... gang's all here

We won't lie to you. It doesn't take a village to have a great holiday. The formula, by and large, have stayed the same over the years; its constants being good friends, even better food, copious amounts of sunscreen and a dash of booze. A very very generous dash. Those who can afford it kick it up a couple notches, island hopping on the best luxury liveaboards money can buy, riding sand shaped in dunes less explored in the Middle East.

Then there's another kind of vacation, taking making memories to the extreme. Scoff though we may at those who Google "Instagram-worthy holidays" before they hit up, we still tune in to their sharp #OOTD snaps when they dress up our feed. And lately, Nicole Warne, Caroline Daur, Saasha Burns and friends are pulling out all the stops in Tulum, Mexico, courtesy of Net-a-Porter. From their curation, we see past dreamy filters to derive five simple style reminders even the social media indifferent can't help but KIV until their next beach getaway.

Here goes:
1. The bigger the hat, the better. Unleash that diva.
2. The smaller the sunglasses, the better. Haven't you heard?
3. Textured swimsuits are a thing. Don't be boring, thanks.
4. Accessorize like your life depends on it. Allocate time to remove your 17 bracelets before water exposure.
5. Greek sandals are here to stay. Can we call them "Jesus sandals"?

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