ICYMI: Is fashion boring now? A familiar Pixar face turns style icon, and the latest in feminist outfits

ICYMI: Is fashion boring now? A familiar Pixar face turns style icon, and the latest in feminist outfits

Fashion by the 'gram

Text: Ryan Sng

Image: Instagram

1. Skirts are out and trousers are in, at least judging by the new look of Pixar's Bo Peep. 
Like the rest of womankind, poor old Bo — who was separated from Woody & co. sometime between Toy Story 2 and 3 — has been through a rough patch lately. Toy Story 4 has long been rumoured to center on the search for the shepherdess, and, as pretty and iconic as Bo Peep's original appearance was, we're 1000% here for her women-are-resilient, oh-so-2019 makeover.



2. The internet crowned Emily Blunt's SAG Awards gown 2019's first vagina outfit.
We highly doubt, however, that Michael Kors intended his ruffle-necked number — which was this writer's favourite of the night, hands down — to advance the destigmatisation of female anatomy and sexuality like those Duran Lantink trousers from Janelle Monae's Pynk music video did.




3. Singaporean design found its new home.
Design Orchard has finally arrived, and we're eager to see how it will transform the local creative industries.



4. Nike drew fire for sneaker graphics that resembled the Arabic script for 'Allah' a little too closely.
Oof. This may be the best argument for why companies are religiously — no pun intended — adopting unambiguous, easy-to-read fonts for their branding. The instigator of a petition against the brand further reminded the public that in 1997, around 38,000 pairs of Nike's Air Bakin' shoes were pulled from shelves, due to a design that was also easily mistaken for 'Allah' in Arabic. Double oof.

Image: Saiqa Noreen/



5. Zara unveiled a new logo. 
A 90s typeface — originally designed for Harper's Bazaar in the 90s — boldly bucks the above-mentioned trend for sans serif logos.




6. Forget pink pussy hats, the new feminist uniform is... whatever the widely-ridiculed, all-male recipients of the UAE's Gender Balance Index Awards are wearing, we guess?
Far be it from us to discount the importance of male allyship. But statistically, a uniformly masculine roster of awardees for a gender equality initiative is... A little suspect. Congratulations, gentlemen, and here's hoping for more progress in the years to come.



7. Anticipation hit fever pitch for the Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition at its latest stop— London's V&A Museum.
*Dreams wistfully of the show coming to Singapore*



8. The cast of Crazy Rich Asians was repeatedly misidentified during news coverage of the SAG Awards.
The western entertainment industry's treatment of non-white people as a monolith may be nothing new — the cast of Black Panther, too, have endured their share of misidentification — but something else is: the ability of minorities to call out complacency and lazy racism via social media. Bless.


9. Diet Prada made a troubling point about the homogeneity of the high-fashion runway.
Call it the Hedi effect, call it whatever you will, but the images are indisputably food for thought. What exactly is going on here?


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