ICYMI: Diet Prada's April Fools prank, Beyoncé's Ivy Park relaunches with Adidas, and Project Runway's ageism issue

ICYMI: Diet Prada's April Fools prank, Beyoncé's Ivy Park relaunches with Adidas, and Project Runway's ageism issue

Fashion by the 'gram

Text: Ryan Sng

Image: Instagram

1. Diet Prada sent the fashion world into mourning and panic on April Fools Day.
The duo behind the whistleblowing Instagram account cheekily announced the sale of Diet Prada on eBay, and even attracted a DM of interest from the founder of Fashion Nova, the fast fashion retailer whose penchant for knockoffs has been a consistent DP target.



2. Jane Fonda graced British Vogue's L'Oréal-sponsored May cover, which boldly declared ageism to be a 'non-issue' or problem of the past...
A moving and worthy sentiment, no question, although one that's admittedly undermined by...



3. The rampant ageism apparent among Project Runway's new lineup of judges.
Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion critic Robin Givhan was among the many who observed — and criticised — the frequent use of the term 'old lady' as a pejorative in the panel's debut season.



4. Alber Elbaz announced his latest collaboration, this time with Tod's.
We can't wait to see what the beloved designer's created; however, we won't be truly satisfied until Elbaz is back where he belongs — at the (full-time) helm of a major fashion player.



5. Gwendoline Christie (a.k.a. Brienne of Tarth) took our breaths away at the final-season premiere of Game of Thrones, clad in Iris Van Herpen.
Christie is nothing like her fashion-averse GoT character. From frilly Tomo Koizumi to slinky, silky Miu Miu, she can work it all.



6. Beyoncé's activewear line Ivy Park teased a relaunch, managed in partnership with Adidas.
Ivy Park began as a joint venture with Topshop in 2014. In 2018, charges of sexual harassment and racial discrimination against Topshop/Arcadia owner Sir Phillip Green prompted the singer to discontinue the label.



7. Chinese and Taiwanese stars brought some glitz to Shanghai Fashion Week's fall/winter 2019 edition.
Seoul Fashion Week's Chinese counterpart may be far less celebrity-driven, but '80s boyband star Julian Chen (at F/FFFFF), actor Hu Bing (at Edi.Z Lingfeng) and actress Qin Lan (at Solo Celeb HTDG) all made splashy appearances on the front row and runways, in displays of support for the region's young talent. 



Actor Hu Bing at the Edi.Z Lingfeng show during Shanghai Fashion Week

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