Help H&M save the Earth and win a prize while you're at it

Help H&M save the Earth and win a prize while you're at it

Bring It

Text: Andrea Sim

Reuse, recycle, repeat

There are more ways than one to reduce fashion waste. Some prefer to test their wardrobes (à la the #RedressChallenge in which one wears the same item five different ways), while others choose the holistic approach by purchasing less, borrowing, or shopping vintage.

For H&M, it's a whole other story; the high street giant's method to saving the Earth is in its efforts to recycle.

In 2013, H&M kickstarted its Garment Collecting campaign — an initiative that encourages customers to hand over unwanted clothing from any label and in any condition — and to date, has amassed 49, 000 tonnes of textiles to be upcycled into brand new pieces to love. To put it into context, that's fabric capable of churning a mind-boggling 100 million T-shirts. While the Swedish brand's movement doesn't necessarily raise awareness for conscious consumption, its merits lies in taking responsibility for the amounts of waste we create. 

H&M Bring It garment collecting campaign

From 18 till 27 August, H&M's latest green campaign, Bring It, rewards responsible shoppers who drop off old clothing at any of their stores in Singapore. Receive a store voucher — which entitles each shopper to 15% off one item — and one of four prizes up for grabs. They are: 15% off your entire purchase, 15% off one item, a free reusable tote bag, and buy one get one free.

Go on, say it with us: Reuse, recycle, and repeat. 

H&M Bring it garment collecting initiative

Drop off your old clothing or textiles from 18 till 27 August at any of the H&M stores in Singapore

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