Gucci in Paris: The upcoming spring/summer 2019 fashion show will take place in a '70s nightclub

Gucci in Paris: The upcoming spring/summer 2019 fashion show will take place in a '70s nightclub

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Text: Jolene Khor

Gucci's spring/summer 2019 collection will be unveiled at Théâtre Le Palace in Paris on September 24

"Paris is always a good idea" was a line famously quipped by the poster girl of French living, Audrey Hepburn. It's a sentiment shared by many the world over, and recently adopted by Italian fashion thunderbolt, Gucci.

This homage began January 2018. Gucci's pre-fall advertising campaign nodded to the historical events of May 1968, during which Parisian students took to the streets to protest against capitalismconsumerism and homophobia. Creative director Alessandro Michele then directed our attention to the ancient site of the Promenade Des Alyscamps in Arles, where he held the Gucci cruise 2019 fashion show.

The last stop on his tour de France is scheduled for Théâtre Le Palace. Gucci's spring/summer 2019 presentation will be the first runway show this storied venue has seen since its construction in the 17th century.

Ordinary shophouse, this is not. In the early '70s, Théâtre Le Palace, situated on rue on Faubourg Montmartre, was the Studio 54 of Paris — a hot nightclub populated by a melting pot of intellectuals, designers, musicians, celebrities and the everyman, who came together from different backgrounds to form a singular community fighting race, social status and sexual orientation conventions of their time (and ours) through their shared love for the arts. It's said that Michele "resonates with its vision as it is a venue that gave life to a (sub)culture that has inspired young generations up until today."

Come September 24, history will be made again.

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