Gucci cruise 2016: A blooming kaleidoscope

Floral fever

Gucci cruise 2016: A blooming kaleidoscope
Gucci releases a capsule collection for cruise 2016 that's rich in geometric blooms

In a contrast of nature versus geometry, Gucci is launching their cruise 2016 capsule collection to much fanfare  it may be the most gorgeous yet. While the fashion universe is currently trending the minimalist aesthetic, Gucci takes a different path and goes back to rich designs of lush botanics and prismatic symmetry.

Gucci Cruise 2016 collection

Taking their signature GG Supreme print and superimposing it with vivid blooming geranium flowers, the aptly named GG Blooms collection for women is floral-inspired couture that will carry you from the gardens to the streets.

Not leaving out the men, Gucci has also tailored their Blooms collection in a more masculine vein with blossoms in fresh green hues complemented by lines of black leather. Men will also be spoilt for choice with an exclusive secondary collection, the Caleido.

Gucci Cruise 2016 Caleido Men

Featuring stunning geometric patterns, not dissimilar to a kaleidoscope, the Caleido print is also available on sneakers. With such a grandiose collection, it will make you the envy of your peers. 

The Gucci Cruise 2016 GG Blooms collection for women and men, and the exclusive GG Caleido collection for men, are both available at Gucci boutiques.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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