Gucci 4 Rooms: A look inside Gucci's art installation in Tokyo

Gucci 4 Rooms: A look inside Gucci's art installation in Tokyo

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Text: Bianca Husodo

Dreamed up by four artists, the house of Gucci unveils virtual and real art spaces that channel Alessandro Michele’s inventive aesthetic

If you find yourself in Tokyo this month, you're in for a treat. Gucci creative director, Alessandro Michele, has gathered three unconventional Japanese artists — Chiharu Shiota, Daito Manabe, Mr. and frequent Gucci collaborator Trouble Andrew to dream up different Gucci rooms at Gucci Ginza and Dover Street Market. Monikered Gucci 4 Rooms, the project takes inspiration from the motifs and themes Michele have introduced to the storied house.

Not in Tokyo? Don't get all FOMO just yet — before launching Gucci 4 Rooms in Tokyo's Gucci Ginza and Dover Street Market, the art installation makes its debut online as an interactive mini game. Join in the Gucci arty party by hunting down Trouble Andrew's Gucci Ghosts in the other three rooms to unlock the last secret room. Each space houses items from Gucci's fall/winter 2016 collection and jewellery from the cruise 2017 collection. It's a game you wouldn't want to miss. Before hunting down the hidden Gucci Ghosts, find out what's behind the doors, here.

The artist behind it: Chiharu Shiota is an installation artist much-famed for her vast, room-spanning web of threads or hoses.
What's inside: Named after a print from the creative vision, Shiota's room is covered with a whimsical motif of branches, leaves and flowers. Scattered over a set of tapestries and old décor, it's an imaginary setting to be gazed through the artist's signature tangle of red yarns.
gucci 4 rooms herbarium
The artist behind it: Daito Manabe is the man behind Rhizomatiks Research, a company dedicated to amalgamate art and technology.
What's inside: By de-contextualising L'Aveugle Par Amour — an 18th century French novel which appears on Gucci pieces — and mixing with references to the mythical Japanese literature on love, Manabe creates a rhizome of ideograms with floating hiraganas and visual icons.
gucci 4 rooms words
The artist behind it: Mr. was one of the first artists to inject manga and anime into the art world by translating them through a Pop reference.
What's inside: This is where the flora and fauna of the Gucci world splendours along with Mr.'s doe-eyed, Lolita-esque characters.
gucci 4 rooms garden
The artist behind it: Trouble Andrew or more fondly known as Gucci Ghost, is the Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based street artist who collaborated with Michele to infuse his graffiti artwork into Gucci's fall/winter 2016 collection.
What's inside: It's for you to find out. Gotta catch all them Gucci Ghosts first.
gucci 4 rooms ghost
Play the Gucci 4 Rooms game.

Gucci 4 Rooms is open to the public from 12 October to 27 November at Gucci Ginza's seventh floor and Dover Street Market Ginza (Elephant Room's installation ends on 24 October).