5 things we love about Grana's new bomber jacket

5 things we love about Grana's new bomber jacket

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Text: Jolene Khor

Stow all other outerwear; this eco-friendly piece from Grana is the best travel companion du jour

Our long-time love for Grana has been well-documented. From its second-skin athleisure line Grana Move to its range of reliably flattering swimwear, Grana has always wiggled its way into closets full of staples. On a roll of quiet hit after quiet hit, Grana's latest effort echoes its growing commitment to environmentally friendly wares. 

Here's why its bomber jacket, pared back yet committed to functionality, has been making numerous appearances in our travel selfies as of late:

1. Its shell is made from 100% recycled polyester
Fashion that cares for the Earth? Little else looks as good as eco-conscious humanitarianism.

2. It has many pockets
With two side pockets, one on the arm and another in the left side insert, there's space for your iPhone, EarPods and a snack.

3. Its sleeves are not overly long
Being Asian has its perks — a set of long limbs is not always one of them. Grana's bomber sleeves are only slightly roomy on this editor's petite 158cm frame, which means they'll be perfect for most.

4. It will keep you warm
While the outer layer is water-resistant, the quilted rib is crafted from rayon, nylon and elastane blend for maximum comfort and cosiness.

5. It won't cost you an arm — pun intended
Because Grana is a direct-to-consumer label, it's able to keep its products at democratic price points. The jacket will set you back just $174.

See the bomber jackets up close in black and green: