Best Insta-moments from Gigi Hadid's first Victoria's Secret fashion show

Best Insta-moments from Gigi Hadid's first Victoria's Secret fashion show

She's so fly

Text: Andrea Sim

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Fashion's It-girl Gigi Hadid has officially earned her wings — from the angel's casting to prepping backstage with BFF Kendall Jenner, we round up the best Insta-moments chronicling her lingerie debut

What went down at the lingerie show of the year this time around apart from the musical performances by Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, was Gigi Hadid's (and Kendall Jenner's) induction into Victoria's Secret host of Angels. And boy, were plenty of peeps on Instagram who lapped it up. For example, Insta account @gigihadidsnaps that birthed just hours ago (four, to be exact), has been furiously posting Hadid's pink carpet, runway and backstage moments by the minute. That's what we call dedication. 

Here's our Insta round-up of Hadid's Victoria's Secret debut for those who missed it (gasp), and, those who simply can't get enough. 

Dream moment: Hadid gets the invite to enter the golden gates at her casting. 

Instagram | @awesomecaitlin

Pre-show fitting. How does one walk like a butterfly? Only she knows. 

Instagram |@gigihadidsnaps

Classic moment backstage at the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Striped dressing robe? Check. Angel glow? Check. Goddess waves? Check. It's legit. 

Instagram | @kendallperfection

A moment with the BFF Kendall Jenner and a diamante encrusted PINK dog. 

Was that a meow at the end? We're not sure. Nonetheless, gorgeous. 

Instagram | @gigihadidsnaps

Hadid's second outfit: Getting sporty for the PINK segment. Blinged out dog gets passed on for a dalmation. 

Prerequisite to walk the Victoria's Secret runway? You've got to have the moves. #NailedIt.

Instagram |@gigiftbels

Girls just want to have fun; Hadid and Gomez having the time of their lives on the runway. 

Instagram |@gigiftbels

Goulding croons to the golden girl on the runway who's proved to be a better butterfly than we could ever hope to be.