Watch: Behind the scenes with G-Dragon and Chanel at the superstar's concert in Macau

A day in the life

Text: Andrea Sim

A glimpse into electric world of the Korean luminary

When the K-pop phenomenon released his eponymous solo album earlier this month, he sought the opportunity to put the persona he had built over the last decade with his music group Big Bang on recess; turning out a series of raw, heartfelt tunes that allowed his fans to get to know him better. Not just as the record-breaking artiste, but as Kwon Ji Yong, the dynamic and talented musician beneath that badass G-Dragon veneer. 

Tagging along on his intimate journey is Chanel, affording us glimpses of the rapper slash singer's life on the road. Above, we witness the celebrated performer glide between two worlds — that of the private coccoon he resides within the confines of his hotel room, and that very public world stage with the rousing alter ego on spotlight, the latter of which galvanises music fans near and far to sit up and pay attention to the K-pop industry. His companion? The Gabrielle bag of course, a constant in the style icon's recent sartorial lexicon.

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