For the bold shoe junkie: Miu Miu’s Ollie sneakers

For the bold shoe junkie: Miu Miu’s Ollie sneakers

Dare to be different

Text: Rina Sariff

Give your overused white trainers a rest and go bold with Miu Miu’s new sneakers

Known for it's playful, feminine and intrepid nature, Miu Miu adds its own personal touch to their new series of footwear — the Ollie sneakers. The Italian brand brings trainers to a whole new level with a striking colour palette; and to top off their eccentric designs, it also comes with bejewelled embellishments in the form of crystals, leathers straps, and ruffled feathers.

Truly made for those with the ability to shine in the limelight, the latest Ollie sneakers are the perfect go-to shoes for fun gals who dare to be different.
Available in different shades of candy pink, blue and monochromes, the sneakers also comes in a variety of materials: Nappa leather, gabardine, denim and satin.

The Ollie sneakers collection is now available at all Miu Miu boutiques.