Are the Fendi Run Away sunglasses right for your face?

Are the Fendi Run Away sunglasses right for your face?

Double vision

Text: Jolene Khor

Shun the fashion rules in favour of Fendi's fall/winter It-shape

Few fashion rules are as contradictory as those involving sunglasses. Here are some of the theories floating around: People with wide jaws should avoid aviators because the teardrop shape will accentuate that very feature. Apparently, the same advice should be heeded by those with razor sharp chins. But then other sources also say that the aviator is a truly universal shape that discriminates no one.

The talk surrounding big round sunglasses aren't less confusing. According to a few guides, fuller cheeks will never be able to pull them off. Others hypothesize you can never do a wrong with oversized shapes. Our advice: Cancel out the white noise, and wear whatever you want. Digging the Matrix look? In love with a white cat-eye? Forge ahead, no holds barred.

This is why the answer to the question, "Are the Fendi Run Away sunglasses right for your face?" is a resounding yes.

Kendall Jenner wearing the Fendi Run Away sunglasses

The style take after that of the '70s, so channel its free spirit by embracing the silhouette without hesitation. Available in four colours, the graphic encircled 'F' is an extension of the new Fendi monogram, seen on the latest Kan I F bag and bicycle. Lighting up the frames is the see-through effect, made possible by a special technique fusing metal with mirror for a statement finish.

The Fendi Run Away sunglasses are available in all Fendi stores.