Fendi reopens its Marina Bay Sands boutique with the Fendirumi

Fendi reopens its Marina Bay Sands boutique with the Fendirumi

Furry guests

Text: Rina Sariff

Now's your chance to catch the Fendirumi duo, Fendi's furry creatures at the reopening of the brand's Marina Bay Sands boutique

Having made appearances in fashion capitals such as Milan, London and New York, the Fendirumi — Piro-chan and Bug-kun — are finally on our shores for the reopening of the Fendi boutique at Marina Bay Sands. If you're not well-versed with the encyclopedia of Fendi, the Fendirumi were created to honour the Japanese Kigurumi mascots. In other words, the duo are wearable stuffed toys inspired by Fendi's Bag Bugs charms — spot the double FF logo?

With a newly refurbished store concept that celebrates the brand's Roman roots, this is definitely an occasion for the Fendirumi to make their Singapore entrance. Besides featuring an extensive range of products, the store will also feature the Spike Wall. A partition pierced with gold metal spikes, it displays the iconic Baguette bags as a tribute to the process of fur-making. S
tanding at two metres high, the furry monsters will also be touring famous spots in Singapore like the Merlion Park, Gardens by the Bay, National Museum and CÉ LA VI, so look out for them and strike a pose. Watch the Fendirumi in action below.