Fendi's latest digital platform is a millennial's dream

Fendi's latest digital platform is a millennial's dream

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Text: Amelia Chia

Titled 'F Is For…', Fendi embarks on an exciting project to showcase the current generation’s experiences through its longstanding brand DNA

Let's be real — the youth these days own the currency of cool. Growing up in an era where the Internet is their best friend can't be easiest thing (hello, social pressures), but it also has its sweet rewards. Their generation has produced a subculture where an online presence is imperative and being creative and reinventing the wheel is only part and parcel of their lives.

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It's that exact spirit that has inspired Fendi's latest communication project, 'F Is For....'. Made by millennials for millennials to inspire and invent like never before, this visionary website is aimed at being a space to create and share different experiences. Set in a new Rome, the Eternal City is a dynamic hub cast through the eyes of a millennial. Its five universes — Freaks, Fulgore, Faces, Freedom and Fearless — showcase unpolished fashion editorials shot on iPhone 7s, interviews with the community and highlight unconventional places to hang out. As promised, the digital platform is colourful, fun and informative.

This is where an age-old fashion house meets a new arts, culture and music scene, in an authentic space that brings forth a foretaste of the future.

Visit F Is For... here.

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