Fendi's F is For... uniting artists around the world to graffiti the future

F is For... future

Text: Andrea Sim

What are our generation's hopes and dreams for the future of humanity? Six artists answer the question using graffiti

Fashion has evolved ways beyond its original purpose. To chart its course briefly, what stemmed from the basic need to clothe oneself flourished as means of status symbols, as cultural markers and as rebellion against societal norms over the centuries.

In 2018, what's stopping fashion from becoming a uniting tool, a glue of humanity of all creeds to a single race? Like John Lennon's Imagine that dared to dream of a "brotherhood of men", the latest undertaking from Fendi's F is For... rises up to the very same tall order. 

It began by bringing together six artists of varied backgrounds — Cave from Iran, Roes from Hong Kong, Casper from Japan, Gary Stranger from the United Kingdom, Jodae from South Korea and Hillel Smith from America — to contemplate the future of the world and its inhabitants, sparking the group's collective hunger and hope for unity regardless of cultural differences. It manifests in graffiti on the rooftop of Fendi's headquarters — depicting the word 'future' in six different languages. See the full art piece, 'The Ring of the Future', above, and the work in progress below. 

Behind the scenes: 

As fashion galvanises art to inspire (the equation works both ways), it is only fitting the house's endeavour comes full circle; Fendi is to release T-shirts emblazoned with a graphic of the artwork, in a bid to spread the message.  

Fendi's F is For... T-shirt with The Ring of the Future graphic is available from 6 February on