Want to see stuntmen parkour in Fendi?

F Is For...

Text: Andrea Sim

Watch free runners turn the rooftop of Fendi's headquarters into a dynamic playground

Fendi's digital platform, 'F Is For...' needs little introduction by now. Launched earlier this year, it is intended to champion freedom, fearlessless, inspirational individuals, modern fashion and uniqueness — developed in a language intended for millennials by millennials, and manifesting in more forms than one.

That could mean an invitation to an artist to cover the rooftop of the brand's headquarters in graffiti; fanning the flames of individuality. But the campaign could also simply spotlight a high-octane fashion editorial,  showcasing Fendi's wares without the pristine glamour glossies are known to offer. 

The latest drop drills down on fearlessness. If you've ever been too afraid to attempt a handstand in gym class, then stuntmen and freerunners Katie McDonnell and Erik Mukhametshin's parkour routine on the Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana — overlooking the city of Rome below — is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Above, watch the duo take Fendi's SS18 Leisurewear for a spin. The world, their oyster. 

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