Fendi does Airpod cases, Kendall and Kylie Jenner face plagiarism accusations, and more

Fendi does Airpod cases, Kendall and Kylie Jenner face plagiarism accusations, and more

Fashion by the 'gram

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @chaos

Fendi and Chaos has come together to produce their most brilliantly bougie collection yet.

For those unaware, Chaos is a British luxury technology brand established in 2002. This season, they've launched a capsule collection with Fendi that amalgamates both the best in tech and fashion; think a full line-up of gold-plated AirPods Pro cases, lighter holders, furry laptop covers, and even a touch screen pen that doubles as an earring. How nifty. We bet we'll soon be seeing these bad boys elevating everyone's electronic essentials, stat.


Kendall and Kylie Jenner are suspected of plagarising yet another fashion designer.

This time, it's Marine Serre. You might recognise her iconic moon print gracing everything from skin-tight bodysuits to cosy turtlenecks — all of which are regularly donned by celebs in the vein of Dua Lipa and Blackpink's Lisa. Naturally, the fashion community called foul when Kendall and Kylie dropped an eerily similar set of crescent moon-print PJs, distinguished only by the logo-emblazoned "Kylie + Kendall" waistband. Can we dismiss this as a mere coincidence seeing the Kardashian-Jenner's track record? We're going to err on the side of caution and wait for a statement on their parts.


Playboy is sueing Fashion Nova.

For the sexy bunny suits they're selling, specifically, which was titled "Bunny of the Month" before Playboy pointed out the similarities to its "Playmate of the Month" trademark. Fashion Nova has since altered the costume's name to "Miss B Bunny" and "Bunny Hope", but has not made any revisions or ceased the sale of the costumes since.


Cardi B addresses the racist comments surrounding her burgeoning Birkin collection.

The drama came to a head when disgruntled Twitter trolls began commenting on Cardi's sizable Birkin stash, claiming that the rapper's slew of Hermès' bags was lowering its monetary value. Cardi then took to Instagram to share her thoughts, pointing out that it is always Black artists who are getting called out for owning expensive purses while white celebrities could do it without incurring judgement. "Why when a Black girl or a Hispanic girl has a bag, y'all have to question whether 'oh is it fake?' or 'she's a scammer', or 'she's f*cking (someone) for it'," she said. "Actually, there's a lot of boss ass b*tches out here." Preach.


Alexa Demie reveals that she used to be a fashion designer.

Granted, her career designing sunglasses was short-lived. The Euphoria actress revealed in A24's podcast that she had started up a fashion line called Mainframe; a career that kicked off after she bought a box of wholesale sunglasses and embellished them with jewels. Her client list included Nicki Minaj, G.Dragon, and even J.Lo before Demie realised that she wasn't getting paid to do any of it. "I didn't know anything about business," she joked. I just enjoyed flying to Japan."


Eileen Fisher has branched out into sleepwear.

This long-awaited collection is sustainable, affordable, and sure to please a wide range of sleepers. Tank tops, nap dresses, and slippers are all part of the deal, with prices beginning at USD$48 and going up to USD$348 for a snuggly cashmere robe. Fits that with an emphasis on comfort and style as most of us continue working from home? Sign us up.


The Brooklyn Musem and Netflix are hosting a virtual costume exhibit.

Titled "The Queen and the Crown", it comprises a select number of costumes from Netflix's The Crown season four as well as The Queen's Gambit. This allows fans to get a closer look at these sartorial masterpieces and to understand the mastery behind them without leaving their abodes. Win-win, we say. The full works will be available on their dedicated site until 13 December.


Creatives for Lebanon are selling limited edition creations from Dior, Alaïa, and more.

Goods will be sold on the Beirut Re-Store, an online marketplace that aims to raise money for those affected by the explosion that rocked the Lebanese capital in August. 30 over designers will be involved in this initiative, including Jean Paul Gautier, Christian Louboutin, and Missoni.