Local fashion bazaar FashBash returns this weekend with pre-loved designer goods for sale

Local fashion bazaar FashBash returns this weekend with pre-loved designer goods for sale

Bring cash

Text: Andrea Sim

Your access to the wardrobes of local fashion enthusiasts

Those impartial to second-hand or vintage shopping will attest to the thrill of the find. That sweet, sweet satisfaction of digging and emerging triumphant with unexpected bargains, or an oldie but goodie that slipped through cracks the first time around. The only problem? Singapore is not exactly flush with such secondhand haunts. A snag we're sure FashBash's co-founders, Le-Anne Lim and former editor Grace Tay, are all too familiar with having first met at a flea market where Tay purchased Lim's pre-loved Zac Posen bolero.

What seemed like an unassuming exchange then sparked the idea for the duo to set up a bazaar purveying secondhand luxury goods, birthing FashBash in 2006 which quickly grew from strength to strength. While Tay and Lim's brainchild enjoyed immense success in the years after, the pair and their co-organisers — faced with juggling a burgeoning side project on top of their careers — saw FashBash placed on hold, only to return in 2018 for the first time in seven years.  

Like those that've preceded it, this year's bazaar invites one and all to shop the pre-loved luxury garments and accessories of local fashion lovers, while, at the same time, realising Tay and Lim's vision of supporting local designers and entrepreneurs. Individuals Samantha Cheok (@savoirsam), William Tan (@stylofitzo) and Carol Loo (@carolloo), and brands Chi Chi Von Tang, Theresa Cotton, Depression and multi-label store Sects Shop are just some of the names to retail at FashBash. Though, the above is hardly all. In spirit of being all-inclusive, the bazaar is making its comeback together with Wardrobe Raids, a flea offering vintage, high street and hand crafted goodies — right up the alley of those on the prowl for more than just designer scores.

Local fashion bazaar FashBash returns this weekend with pre-loved designer goods for sale (фото 1)

Below, all you need to know to shop up a storm:
What: FashBash; retailing pre-loved designer items, and Wardrobe Raids; retailing high street, vintage and hand crafted pieces
Where: 5 Little Monkeys Cafe, Pico Creative Centre, L11. Located at 20 Kallang Avenue, Singapore 339411
When: 11:30am till 5:30pm, 27 January 2018
Payment modes: Cash, phone internet banking and DBS Paylah 

FashBash is also giving away shopping vouchers worth $300. To try your luck, follow their Facebook page and sign up for the giveaway. Winners to be contacted via email. A charity sale will also be taking place on 27 January at FashBash, and donations of pre-loved designer goods are welcome.

Email [email protected] for more details.