Eres and Vita Kin release the tropical collaboration of our dreams

Oh, holiday

Eres and Vita Kin release the tropical collaboration of our dreams
Whether you're stuck in subzero weather or pining for island life beyond our coastline, let the ultimate summer dress set the vacation wheels in motion

The saying goes: dress for the job you want — not the job you have. The brilliant will pay heed the advice within a workplace, but the ingenius will actualise it in all aspects of life. It holds true when searching for the right life partner, scoring a business class upgrade on a coach ticket, and even when attempting to will a dream getaway into existence.  

In this case, it's a sand-between-the-toes and cocktail-in-hand sort of escape from the shackles of winter or city life — wares (and motivation) courtesy of Eres and Ukranian label Vita Kin. Informed by the vyshyvanka, and of which Vita Kin's interpretation ignited a fashion frenzy not too long ago, its signature frocks meets the colour palette and know-how of Eres' swimwear to create a truly cohesive summer wardrobe. The fruit of the collaboration features the latter's striking Aztec print, floral embroideries and pom-pom embellishments, but on silhouttes unique only to the tie-up with Eres. 

Available at the Eres boutique located at #01-12, Four Seasons Hotel, 190 Orchard Boulevard. 

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Text: Andrea Sim

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