English icons: The new Burberry cashmere trench coats

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English icons: The new Burberry cashmere trench coats
Burberry introduces their heritage trench coats in an all-new cashmere fit

It's an undeniable fact; no other label captures the essence of the English the way Burberry does. Dating back over a 100 years, Burberry has shaped what we know today as the quintessential British look: The double-breasted trench coat with a belted waist that is both stylish and functional.

Burberry Cashmere heritage coats

This fall season, Burberry is introducing a new element to their age-old classic; the beloved Kensington and Sandringham trench coats now come in cashmere. A myriad of new colours have been added to the range  a monumental first as the legacy of these coats have remained unchanged since its inception. These heritage icons were originally designed for the military in the early twentieth century to protect officers from harsh weather but have since evolved to be representative of timeless British style and innovative design.

Burberry Cashmere trench coats

Fashioned with Burberry cashmere produced by using only the most premium materials and artisanal skills with cutting-edge modern techniques, the coats are the epitome of fine British style and tailoring. The exceptional qualities of these trench coats are highlighted in a campaign featuring an all-Brit cast of 12 young actors, musicians and models — Amber Anderson and Clara Paget included are amongst the crew that were photographed at the iconic locale of St. James in London.

The new Burberry cashmere trench coats are available at Burberry boutiques. 

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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