Watch: The magic of Dior's knitwear in the making

Behind closed doors

Text: Andrea Sim

Peek into the ateliers of Christian Dior

How many of us own shoes we can 'fess up to knowing how it goes from sketch to shelf? What about our prized leather bags? Or the clothes on our back? Fashion orbits in a solar system that is as arcane as they come; designs are brewed behind closed doors, production whisked to the Earth's ends, and campaign imagery perfected by the prowess of stylists and DI artists. 

So on occassion, when a house leaves their door slightly ajar, the magic is plain for all to see. And at Dior, it begins with the key garment of spring/summer 2018: a knit bodysuit with motifs and colours gleaned from multi-media artist Niki de Saint Phalle. The 80 hours of craftsmanship, abridged above.