Discover the secret meaning behind Maria Grazia Chiuri's fall accessories for Dior

Discover the secret meaning behind Maria Grazia Chiuri's fall accessories for Dior

Confessions of a bag lady

Text: Jolene Khor

Our kind of fashion statement

This is not the first time we wax poetic about the leather goods at Dior, nor will it be the last. What can we say? It's not every day that we encounter a bag (or any fashion item for that matter) reaching beyond the husk of its stylistic renderings.

A couple months back, when Maria Grazia Chiuri's prelude, the wildly anticipated J'Adior accessories first saw light of day in brick-and-mortar, it marked the beginning of a revolution. A Dio(R)evolution. Chiuri ensured her arrival stamp at the maison make a mark, with timely haste; September 2016 was a crucial time for her pointed feminist messaging. As such, we witnessed a new figure marching down the runway at her Dior debutante. Her lady is just as youthful as her predecessor's, but the effervescence she carries is of a different brand. She's bolder. Some would even deduce she's a little moodier. But of this we are certain: She's louder. The shirt she wears, the shoes she slips on, the bags on her shoulder, they have purpose. They have a point to make. 

The tenor of the current selection may be less political, but Chiuri isn't standing still. As she rediscovers her spirituality, her resistance doesn't soften — it expands. Where feminine agenda is concerned, there are days to shout and there are days to sing. Fall/winter 2017 is for the latter, its crescendo personified in dreamy minaudieres. On them, koi fishes swim in unison, centaurs aim for four leave clovers, doves and man in sweet embrace. The suffragette shoes embrace the season too. Sheer silk and polka dots are swathed in cream, daisies in full bloom. And if you're worried her moxie is tamed, let's just say the leopard never lose its spots. 

The Dior accessories are available in stores.