Watch: This Dior video might just inspire your next getaway

The Great Outdoors

Text: Andrea Sim

Director Cass Bird triggers all the right kinds of Instagram feels

The term 'wanderlust' in the Instagram age has come to bear negative connotations. For the extremely discerning, it could even be derogatory. Chalk it up to the fact that it's overused on social media, often a blanket statement to convey the fact that well, we all hop on a plane once in awhile. But given the right context — mood, energy and of course, a sigh-worthy landscape — we find the feeling creeping up on us. Untainted; free of its banal reputation. 

Artist, photographer and director Cass Bird's video for Dior's cruise 2018 collection is one of these instances. A parallel to the maison's runway held at the far-flung Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve in Calabasas earlier this year, it is indeed dreamy. Slightly surreal. Inspiringly nonchalant. Enough to coax us into abandoning all pre-planned travel itineraries this holiday season for an impromptu cavort in the wild. And that, is wanderlust in its truest form. 

Watch the video above and see the Christian Dior cruise 2018 collection