Is there such a thing as a cool Christmas sweater?

Hot fuzz

Text: Jolene Khor

There is no place for ugly wool — certainly not in the Diesel world

We've never hidden our disdain for ugly Christmas sweaters, and it would seem that the fashion world agrees that it's an ironic trend that has worn out its well-meaning humour. Well, at least Diesel does.

"Say no to uncool wool and ditch your ugly xmas sweater," cries the brand's latest statement. So dedicated is Diesel to the cause, it risks its reputation by employing an unknown fuzzy face to front the good fight. His name: A Cool Diesel Sheep. The cause: Inspiring revolt, eradicating the traditional sweater. Dressed in a leather jacket and denim for an exclusive photo shoot (they come in human size too, apparently) the newly appointed brand ambassador champions his "say no to uncool wool" mantra with the help of Diesel's winter collection. 

Here's the result...

Is there such a thing as a cool Christmas sweater? (фото 1)

Above, watch Diesel artistic director Nicola Formichetti denouncing the trend during a hilarious behind-the-scenes production; below, see Buro's picks of Diesel's cool wool selection, along with the rest of its Christmas covetables, from generously embellished dresses and statement denim jackets, to gilded paperweights and stocking stuffers.